5 Benefits to Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression is an efficient non-surgical technique that can ease back pain, leg pain, and other symptoms associated with disc bulges, disc herniations, and other spine disorders. It is a popular form of herniated disc treatment. Spinal decompression is performed by inserting a thin, flexible tube into the affected spine area and applying pressure to it. Because it provides a traction force, also known as a “pulling” force, to both ends of the spine, the therapy is successful.

We can accomplish this by using a specialized piece of mechanical equipment or with the manual manipulation of our chiropractor. Spinal decompression is one of the many treatments that our staff is happy to be able to offer to patients. This treatment has the potential to have a substantial effect not only on the patient’s general quality of life but also on the functional results of their treatment.

What are the Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is highly effective, does not require surgery, and is performed in a risk-free manner. In addition, it offers our patients suffering from spine-related issues various unique benefits.

  1. It Provides Relief From Uncomfortable Symptoms. 

For example, when muscles are spasming, tight, or damaged, decompression can alleviate the tension in those muscles. In addition, it can stimulate the nervous system, which in turn leads it to produce neurochemical signals that have an effect similar to that of an analgesic on the body. This may significantly lessen the discomfort experienced in as little as one to three sessions.

  1. It Makes it Possible for the Tissues of the Spinal Discs to Recuperate More Expediently. 

When decompression treatment is carried out, a force analogous to a vacuum is delivered to the spinal discs to treat back pain. This stimulates the movement of healing fluids, cells, and other substances in the wounded tissue’s direction, ultimately speeding up the healing process.

  1. It Helps Realign Discs and Joints to Be in the Correct Position. 

For example, if you smoke cigarettes, have poor body mechanics, or are affected by various factors, you risk your joints subluxing and herniating. The vacuum-like force is caused by the same force that helps to realign the joints and discs, helping to avoid future pain, inflammation, decreased mobility, and dysfunction.

  1. It Relieves Some of the Pressure on the Spinal Nerves Due to the Condition. 

This can cause the nerves to get compressed, resulting in a disease known as a pinched nerve, which can occur when discs, bones, or other tissues encroach on the small apertures through which spinal nerves depart the spinal column on their route to innervating the body. 

The decompression of the spine using non-surgical means improves the space surrounding these nerves, which may have otherwise become impinged and inflamed if the decompression of the spine had not improved the area surrounding them. This allows these nerves to start the process of healing themselves.

  1. It Increases the Effectiveness of Many Supplemental Therapeutic Procedures. 

Spinal decompression works to improve your health and spine’s function. This is significant because, according to an age-old proverb, “a healthy spine supports a healthy body,” and this is precisely what spinal decompression is all about. When the health of your spine is improved, other treatment methods, such as deep tissue laser therapy, tend to work more effectively.

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