How Can Laser Therapy Treat Inflammation and Pain?

Doctors now widely accept deep tissue laser therapy as effective in pain management. Although laser treatment has been around for a while, people have only begun to notice it as a viable method for reducing pain and inflammation-related issues.

The extraordinary therapeutic benefits that laser treatment provides have been experienced by thousands of patients. In this blog, we’ll examine laser therapy’s usage and how it might be helpful in pain management and inflammation.

What is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

This course of treatment is often referred to as photobiomodulation or phototherapy. It is a technique that is increasingly in demand for treating various diseases.

During this therapy, a light source is brought close to the skin to allow photons to enter the tissue. The injured tissues subsequently experience a series of physiological responses as a result.

Deep tissue laser therapy is used in dermatology to treat skin blemishes. This includes wrinkles, burn scars, and acne scars. Additionally, hyperpigmentation is treated with it.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for Inflammation and pain

This therapy is an excellent substitute for medications and surgery because it is noninvasive. It is employed to treat both acute and long-term diseases.

Pain specialists can treat inflammation and deep tissue issues with the LightForce treatment head. The treatment’s effectiveness is increased because of LightForce’s ability to deliver the proper energy while managing the underlying tissue and muscle.

The therapy reduces inflammation, promotes and accelerates tissue regeneration, and helps cells operate normally.

Deep tissue Laser therapy is beneficial for treating the pain and inflammation associated with the following conditions:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Disc problems
  • Sciatica
  • Sports injuries, like sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Foot and ankle conditions

Benefits of Using Laser Therapy

Medical professionals have already used laser treatment in healthcare situations with proven results for their patients.

1.    Helps Reduce Pain and Inflammation without Side Effects

Through a process called photo biomodulation, laser therapy helps to relieve pain and other types of inflammation. During this process, photons enter the tissues and interact with the cytochrome c complex in our body’s mitochondria.

This connection results in biological processes that lessen pain and inflammation. Since laser therapy for pain is biologically based, there are no noticeable side effects.

2.    Effective in acute and chronic conditions

The use of low level laser treatment can benefit both acute and chronic diseases. It is best to start the therapy as soon as possible in acute circumstances. The earlier you apply it, the quicker it starts the healing process.

In the end, laser therapy aids the body in initiating the healing process earlier and returning to normal activities more quickly. Laser therapy for back pain is efficient and can help lessen persistent discomfort in chronic problems.

In addition to alleviating chronic pain, laser treatment for plantar fasciitis also helps to lessen inflammation in the area of your heels.

3.    Customized Treatment

The effectiveness of deep tissue laser therapy as a treatment method is attributed to its adaptability and versatility. Multiple body parts are suitable for laser therapy in physiotherapy, which has significantly enhanced general health. This customization allows you to select the optimal treatment for your body.

4.    Patients feel good during the treatment

Patients who receive deep tissue laser therapy say they sense a comforting warmth and appreciate the procedure. The laser feels therapeutic as it slowly enters the tissues and helps the body’s regeneration processes lessen pain and inflammation.

5.    Fast Treatment

Laser treatments typically last 5 to 10 minutes or less and are efficient. The length of time needed for therapy will often depend on how severe and how big the disease is. For those with busy schedules, the procedure offers excellent pain relief in a short amount of time.


We have deep tissue laser therapy technology at Dr. Cory Stock, DC’s clinic. Ask our medical professionals if this course of treatment is appropriate for you in case of acute or persistent pain. We can assist you by creating a personalized program that best meets your needs and promotes healing.